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Save Your went online March 13, 2011. The Save Your Receipt Organization ($YRO) is a loosely organized group of Participating Locations and Value Shoppers. $YRO is 100% free! Businesses and customers will never be billed for our services. $YRO is also the world's first 100% "green" organization because the management of $YRO never prints a single document! Take a tour of two spectacular Participating Locations Holiday Inn Muskegon-Harbor, Holiday Inn Express Ludington and the Ramada Plaza Grand Rapids. The goal of the organization is to organize approximately 20% of each market and eventually become the largest business/consumer organization in the world! When your receive a Valuable Receipt it becomes your membership card. When you use the receipt you get a new membership card. As long a you "Save Your Receipt" your membership never runs out! You'll all ways be able to enjoy the benefits of being a Value Shopper and saving at Participating Locations. We're working hard to offer you a variety of places to shop, please be patient.

How it works 

When you enter a business that has valuable receipts and buy something for more than $10.00. You'll see our sign that encourages you to save your receipt. Being Value Shopper, you save your receipt and go to to find out why your receipt is valuable. The website lists all the Participating Locations in the city you're in or going to that will honor that receipt as a 20% off coupon. Rather than pay full price you elect to use your new found receipt/coupon for a better price. You take your receipt to another Participating Location in the organization and get 20% off. You then get another receipt and look for another place to save. If any business ever refuses to honor our discount, remind them that they give Expedia more than 20%! Would they prefer you went to Expedia? If they still refuse to honor our discount, contact us and we'll delete them from our site.

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