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Save Your went online March 13, 2011. The Save Your Receipt Organization "$YRO" pronounced "Seero" is a loosely organized group of Participating Locations and Value Shoppers. $YRO is an Advertising, Revenue Generating, Loyalty Program that is 100% free, you and your clients will never be billed for any of our services. Unlike other loyalty programs $YRO has a 100% redemption rate! $YRO is also the world's first 100% "green" organization because the management of $YRO never prints a single document! Take a tour of three of our spectacular Participating Locations Holiday Inn Muskegon-Harbor, Ramada Plaza Grand Rapids, & Days Inn Detroit Metro Airport . The strategy of our organization is to organize up to 20% of each market to accept our Valuable Receipts. Value Shoppers will become accustomed to the value Participating Locations offer and will have little desire to go back to non-participating locations. Customers will keep getting Valuable Receipts and looking for a place to use them! The expected result is for the Participating Locations to get much more than a 20% market share. Our goal is to double the market share of our Participating Locations! If we organize 5% of a market and only 1 out of 19 of our competitor's clients decide to save their receipt and switch to us we will double our market share! Participating Locations are not allowed to accept their own receipts. This drastically reduces the possibility of cannibalism which could negatively effect your current business. Once a person becomes a Value Shopper their receipt becomes their membership card. They use their membership card like a coupon for 20% off. Being part of an organization that receives 20% off will undoubtedly create a certain degree of loyalty. Someday people may even attempt to cheat with fraudulent receipts. We have strategies planned to combat such activities, but these attempts would only prove customers wanted the discounts so badly they were willing to cheat to get them! Now that's a loyal customer!

How it works 

A shopper enters a business that has Valuable Receipts and spends more than $10.00. They see our sign and it encourages them to save their receipt. The shopper saves their receipt and goes to www.SaveYourReceipt.Org to find out why their receipt is valuable. The website lists all the Participating Locations in the city they are in or going to. They are then likely to go a little out of their way to use there new found coupon. They take their receipt to another Participating Location in the organization and get 20% off. They then get another receipt and the process begins again! Their next stop might be to try one of your other locations. Most receipts are difficult to duplicate but the desire to copy Valuable Receipts is almost eliminated because when you use a Valuable Receipt you get one back. Maybe they would use copies to introduce their friends to our organization? We envision someday someone in California will buy a pizza and then use their receipt to lower the cost of visiting their family in Ludington, MI.


The latest strategy is to add a Participating Location's competitors to the Valuable Receipt list to encourage competitor clients to switch and take their receipt to the Participating Location. This has the effect of placing a bounty on competitor receipts and for you to collect them. You become a receipt collector and a collector of your competition's clients. You’re making money while acquiring your competitor's business! If your don't collect your competitors receipts, he will some day be collecting yours! No matter who's receipt is being collected, we are helping bring tourism to your community.

Another effective strategy is to get local restaurants, souvenir shops, and tourist attractions to display our sign. This makes their receipts Valuable Receipts. Tell them people will do business with them just to get their receipt! Someday people might add to their purchase just to make their receipt a Valuable Receipt. Some of those customers will bring their Valuable Receipt to you. If someone buys a $15.00 meal and then gets $20 off at a hotel, they were in effect paid to eat at the restaurant plus maybe a tip and some gas money! You have created a package of dinner and a room without any effort! Don’t forget to notify $YRO if you display a sign at another business or they won't receive their free advertising and their name won’t be posted on the Valuable Receipts list. The more businesses you get involved the stronger the organization becomes. As the Organization grows consider just how many receipts are being printed at all of our Valuable Receipt locations!

Once you are a 101% satisfied $YRO Participating Location there are many opportunities to advertise $YRO that are free. You could put $YRO on your marquee. If you own a WIFI system making $YRO your flash page is one example. Making $YRO the home page on business and publicly used computers is free. Putting our $YRO logo on your advertising is very effective and almost free. Linking back to the $YRO home page is also free. Emailing or calling a business associate about $YRO and including this link would be helpful for him, you, and us!  Help yourself by helping the organization grow. 

Why 20% Off? 

20% Off is a large enough price reduction to keep our Value Shoppers loyal and still allow our Participating Locations to remain profitable. You do not need to be a hotel to participate. It doesn't matter what type of business you operate or where it's located as long as you can be profitable after discounting regularly priced items 20%. Some times you'll lose 20% due to capacity restraints, but most of the time you'll gain 80%! Conventional advertising advertises to everyone including your current customers. $YRO only advertises to other business's customers, your customers are disqualified from receiving the discount. $YRO is a much better value than print, radio, TV or other online advertising because, the entire cost of $YRO is given to the customer and there's never a cost without a sale! It’s easy to forget that most of your sales already have advertising, commission, and other discounts attached to them. $YRO can help you simplify your advertising by replacing other more costly and complicated forms of advertising. When you calculate your profitability after the 20% reduction in price, it's reasonable not to count your fixed costs. Assume your mortgage; taxes etc. have been paid by your current business. As your revenue grows so will your profitability!


I've been a hotel operator for over 30 years and this is the most exciting advertising opportunity that I have ever seen. For the foreseeable future, we are trying to limit participation to only one business per category per city and zip code. Secure your place in the organization today. It's first invited, first come, first serve, don't allow any of your businesses to be locked out. All we are asking you to do is put a small sign in your lobby. You put up a sign and we'll put you on our web site and off we go! It may be months before you receive your first customer but you and your employees can enjoy the 20% off immediately. Whether a few Value Shoppers show up or a lot you always make money, you can't lose! Unlike other third party travel web sites we never have contact with your customer because they deal directly with you. Wouldn't you rather give 20% off and create new loyal customer than pay even more in third party commissions, additional discounts, and advertising costs? We need your support to get $YRO started but when the consumer discovers the organization we have built we will be rewarded. As a Free Lifetime Charter Member of $YRO you can take pride in the fact that you had the vision to help build it. Call or email me, let's make history together for free!

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