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"This is a totally free service for buyers and sellers.

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$YRO Rules and Policies for Value Shoppers

 1.) Go to a "Valuable Receipt" location and spend at least $10.00 on   
       regularly priced items.

 2.) Make a copy of the receipt if you need one.

 3.) Go to a different "Participating Location" and spend at least $10.00 on   
      regularly priced items after the discount

 4.) Give your original "Valuable Receipt" to the cashier and get 20% off.

 5.) Enjoy your discount and "Save Your Receipt!".


$YRO Rules and Policies for Participating Locations

 1.) Make sure the business issuing the "Valuable Receipt" is on our site.

 2.) Don't accept your own receipts, copies, or receipts that are not legible.

 3.) Discount your regularly priced sales of $10.00 or more 20%.

 4.) Do not place any additional restrictions on the purchase.

 5.) Print our sign in color and display it in your lobby area. If you don't have a color printer use a memory stick or card and have your local printer print it.


$YRO Color Sign 8.5"x11" and $YRO Color Sign 5"x7"

Any variation to these simple policies is cause for deletion.

Tips for Value

 1.) Before making a purchase make sure the business is still listed on our site.

 2.) Do not attempt to combine other discounts. If your purchase receipt has
      one discounted item or special on it, the discount does not apply.

 3.) If you need a copy print a copy before submitting your original.

 4.) Consider printing the page of our "Valuable Receipts" list that confirms the
         validity of your receipt. It might speed up your transaction.


Tips for Participating Locations

 1.) Keep our participating.pdf open so you can quickly check business

 2.) Mention us to your business associates and in your ads.

 3.) Consider printing and posting our sign at other businesses. Let us
      know so we can put them on our web site for having "Valuable Receipts".

 4.) Check out our new Employee Discount and Incentive Program.

 5.) The slogan for $YRO is "COME ON!"


$YRO Color Sign 8.5"x11" and $YRO Color Sign 5"x7"


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